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Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists

Promoting motorcycle road safety in Northumberland, Newcastle and the North East since 2002.

IAM Roadsmart Coaching

Preparing riders to pass their advanced motorcycle road test.

91% Pass Rate

Continuous training of Observers to maintain high standard of IAM Roadsmart test passes.

Motorcycle Skills Days

Providing safe environments in which to practice essential motorcycle skills and slow riding.


Bi-monthly ride-outs for Members and Associates from March to October.


Providing opportunities for riders to share experiences through monthly meetings and weekend breaks.

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Winner: best UK motorcycle group 2016 (Institute of Advanced Motorists).

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We now have a ladies rider section. See our events listing for details of their next ride!

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About Us

Our aim is to help motorcyclists ride to the highest standards by providing on-going support and advice. Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists' qualified, volunteer Observers prepare riders to pass their Advanced and Masters road tests.

With over 200 club members of all ages, male and female, every type of bike is represented. Motorcyclists join NAM for many different reasons. These include:

  • seeking further development after passing the DSA test
  • looking for safer and more enjoyable riding
  • looking for other bikers to ride with
  • wanting to join Blood Bikes and needing an advanced riding qualification
  • fear of leaning and braking on bends
  • fear of riding on busy roads and filtering
  • fear of riding in the wet
  • fear of getting back on the bike after an 'off'

Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists is affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists and is a registered charity (1099238).

Sharing skills

We encourage members to support one another and to share riding experiences. Our programme of workshops, rideouts and weekend breaks give riders the opportunity for continuous improvement and to exchange 'know how':

  • senior rides (full members only)
  • associate rides (all members)
  • 'chip shop runs' and summer evening rides
  • group weekend breaks
  • theory sessions
  • machine control skills days
  • touring workshop
  • winter riding workshop
  • 'two-up' riding workshop
  • slow riding practice


I came to biking via the direct access route in August 2016 and was looking for further training to make me a better, safer rider. I came across the IAM website and liked what I read.

Joining was very easy along and I was soon made welcome at an evening meeting of my local group, Northumbria Advanced Motorcylists

My expectations have been well and truly surpassed. I had been concerned that, because I choose to ride a mid-capacity (650cc ) bike, I would be out of my depth. No such thing!

I was very quickly assigned to my Observer and we arranged a ride to enable him to assess my riding. We developed an action plan, then built on that over a series of rides which I thoroughly enjoyed. My Observer gradually took me through "the system", building foundation skills, leading to me passing my advanced test.

I can't believe the progress I've made in a relatively short period of time. Learning how to become and advanced rider is a course of action I would recommend to anyone who rides on public roads, irrespective of age, sex or ability.

It's great to sort problem(s) that have been bugging you, to ride with confidence and get more enjoyment from riding your bike.

Alex Morrison, Pass 2018 (Kawasaki Versys 650)

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