NAM Exclusive - Steph Jeavons Video Presentation

By Danny Holmes

Published December 31, 2020 #Steph Jeavons #touring

What do 74,000 miles solo riding, 54 countries, 7 continents, 10 sets of tyres, 4 punctures, 2 crashes, 8 chain sprockets, 1 broken sub-frame, 2 orangutan bites and 6 marriage proposals teach you?

In an exclusive presentation for NAM members, author, presenter and explorer Steph Jeavons   relives her four year journey to become the first person to ride a motorcyle solo across all seven continents. Steph’s talk is inspiring and honest. She explains why, at the age of 38, she felt compelled to sell up home and business to ride in search of a baobab tree, and her feelings of inadequacy setting off from London’s Ace Cafe on ‘Rhonda the Honda’.

It is an uplifting story. Steph reminds us that we don’t have to be defined by our past, that the world is full of great people, that chivalry, hospitality and community spirit are thriving in rural communities everywhere and that a smile is still one of the most universally accepted currencies.

Collage of Steph Jeavons photographs from her solo motorcycle ride across seven continents
"Steph Jeavons: author, presenter and explorer"

For those of us with a tendancy to over-think and plan for every conceivable, doom-laden scenario, Steph provides reassurance that we all have the inner resources, physical and mental strength to cope with any situation. The hardest part is starting. “You don’t have to be an expert, you learn as you go” she testifies. We find out the hardest place to ride, where there is the highest chance of getting a speeding ticket and why she recommends leaving behind that Leatherman Wave in favour of a packet of dog biscuits!

Steph’s first full-blown Zoom presentation from her new audio room in Wales is full of humour as she answers questions raised by a captivated, virtual audience:

  • If you were to do it again, what would change?
  • What was the overall cost of the trip?
  • What did you do about bike insurance and health insurance?
  • How much planning did you do in advance?
  • Did you ever find that you’d been ripped off or that your judgement wasn’t what it should have been?

A video recording of this special presentation is now available to NAM members. For a link to the video, and for details on how to receive free shipping on orders of her latest book ‘Home By Seven’, please contact Email me .


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