Meet Our Awesome Team

These people give up their free time to maintain and further develop the group. Without them the club would not survive.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the running of the club, please let us know. We welcome as many members as possible to be involved in the running of the club. If you have skills that you can contribute to the Social, Marketing or Training teams please let them know.



To promote Motorcycle Road Safety in the Northumbria area.

Committee Members

Mel Leitch
Chair: Mel Leitch

The Chair holds the tiller for NAM, controlling the direction we take and getting the best out of the other committee members. The Chairperson is in charge of committee meetings and has a big say on the strategic direction of NAM.

Keith Miller
Vice Chair: Keith Miller

The Vice Chair takes an active role in the strategic direction of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists and deputises for the Chair as necessary. In order to ensure continuity, the Vice Chair prepares for taking on the future role of Chair.

Michael Wilkinson
Secretary: Michael Wilkinson

The club Secretary records the committee meetings and looks after communication with other organisations. Responsibilities include:

  • note taking
  • letter writing
  • question answering
  • meeting organising
Colin Irvine
Treasurer: Colin Irvine

One of the elected trustee positions of the club, the treasurer attends all committee meetings and participates in the strategic planning and development of club activities. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the club's finances
  • Keeping the committee informed of the club's financial position
  • Keeping accounting records and preparing annual accounts for presentation to members at the AGM
  • Collecting members' subscriptions and payments for trips and other events
  • Banking any cash receipts
  • Managing and paying expense claims and other payables
  • Submitting the club's annual Gift Aid claim.
April Goodwin
Membership Secretary: April Goodwin

The Membership Secretary keeps track of NAM membership including new referrals, Associates and Full Members. Responsibilities include:

  • Dealing with membership enquires
  • Managing referrals from IAM
  • Contacting new Associates
  • Informing Training Team about new Associates
  • Keeping Member contact details up-to-date
  • Keeping track of annual subs payments
  • Submitting the club's annual Gift Aid claim.
Position Vacant
Assistant Secretary: (Position Vacant)

The Assistant Secretary takes an active role in the day-to-day running of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists by providing support to the Secretary. In order to ensure continuity, the Assitant Secretary prepares for taking on the future role of Secretary.

Jack Stewart
Chief Observer: Jack Stewart

The Chief Observer co-ordinates the Training Team which organises the training that our Associates and Observers follow.

Danny Holmes
Marketing Team Lead: Danny Holmes

The Marketing Team Lead co-ordinates the Marketing Team which promotes the charitable aims of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

Responsibilities also include:

  • overseeing our compliance with GDPR regulations
Louise Potts
Social Team Lead: Louise Potts

The Social Team Lead co-ordinates the Social Team which provides a full program of rideouts and social events for the benefit of club members.

Training Team


To ensure that the riding and training provided by Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists is of the highest standard and exceeds the requirements of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The team is led by our Chief Observer who oversees riding and training standards. Each member is an experienced National Observer who has undergone continuous development since qualifying as an advanced rider. Training Team members offer support and guidance to our Local and National Observers. We seek to identify and meet the training needs of all NAM members and Associates.

Training Team Members

Jack Stewart
Chief Observer: Jack Stewart

The Chief Observer co-ordinates the Training Team which organises the training that our Associates follow. Responsibilities include:

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Mick Goodwin
Convenor: Mick Goodwin

The Convenor ... Responsibilities include:

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Eric FitzPatrick
Training Team Administrator: Eric FitzPatrick

Responsibilities include:

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Mel Leitch
Training Team Member: Mel Leitch

Responsibilities include:

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Marketing Team


To market Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists' prime charitable purpose: to promote motorcycle road safety in the Northumbria area.

Marketing Team Members

Danny Holmes
Marketing Team Leader: Danny Holmes

Responsibilities include:

  • managing communication with external groups through our website and social media
  • establishing a physical presence at dealerships
  • designing and printing promotional literature and merchandise
Keith Miller
Marketing Team Member: Keith Miller
Rick Henderson
Marketing Team Member: Rick Henderson
Phil McGonigle
Marketing Team Member: Phil McGonigle
Steve Allport
Marketing Team Member: Steve Allport
David Steedman
Marketing Team Member: David Steedman

Social Team


The Social Team make the arrangements for the club events and trips.

Social Team Members

Louise Potts
Social Team Leader: Louise Potts

Responsibilities include:

  • booking rooms for club nights
  • booking rooms for Committee & Training Team meetings
  • arranging hotels for club weekend trips, negotiating discounts and cut-price deals
Neil Potts
Rideout Co-ordinator: Neil Potts

The Rideout Co-ordinator organises bi-monthly rides. These may be in excess of 30 bikes. Responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that rides are carried out in accordance with NAM and IAM guidelines
  • arranging rideout dates and identifying rideout leaders
  • providing training and support to rideout leaders and back-markers
Ruth Atkinson
Social Secretary: Ruth Atkinson
April Goodwin
Social Team Member: April Goodwin

Photographs: John Williamson