The NAM Committee

The following band of merry men and women are the NAM committee. These people give up their free time to help maintain and further develop the group.

Without these people and the time they invest, the club would not survive.

Their sole aim is to ensure the club continues to run and meet its objectives. They are selected by the membership to serve all members of the group, so it is both the right and responsibility of each member to ensure any issues, queries, concerns etc are brought to the attention of the committee as soon as possible.

The following is a list of positions and their current occupants together with a brief description of the role.


Chairman: Rick Henderson


Rick has a lot of experience in the motorcycle world in general and NAM specifically being an active member for a number of years.

As chairman Rick holds the tiller for NAM controlling the direction we take and getting the best out of the other committee members.

The chairman is in charge of the committee meetings and has a big say on the future direction of NAM.

Secretary: Sharon Russell


As secretary Sharon records the events at the committee meetings and looks after communication with other organisations.

This means Sharon's life is made up of note taking, letter writing, question answering, meeting organising and much more.


Marketing Lead: Keith Miller


Keith as the marketing lead promotes and helps others promote NAM in the North East. Helping not just potential associates but also dealers and other organisations find out what we are about.

If you have any ideas about events or functions which we could be involved in then have a chat with Keith.

Rideout Coordinator: Ian Warbrick


Our Rideout Coordinator organises our monthly rideouts aiming to have new and interesting rides every month. Of course, this is a no win task, as what one group of people find interesting and challenging, another group will either feel it was too challenging, too long, boring, too short etc. etc. This is compounded by the difficulty involved in coordinating what can be in excess of 30 bikes, trying to get everyone off at a given time and not lose anyone before returning home etc.

Don't forget, if you have a favourite route, why not invite the group and turn it into a rideout? Contact Ian who will be more than willing to help you with any planning and organization.

Vice Chairman: TBA


This post is currently vacant.


Treasurer: Colin Irvine


Colin, a professional accountant before retirement, has the job of looking after the books, making sure all of the clubs money is handled properly and that NAM remains solvent.

This is often a complicated task, keeping a watchful eye on the money coming in and money going out.

Membership Secretary: Tracy Tordai


As membership secretary Tracy keeps track of all NAM members including new entrants, associates and full members.

Tracy will be trying to make sure she has your contact details correct so please help her with this. Also each year she has to keep track of who has and has not paid their annual subs - so pay up by standing order and make her job easier.

Social Secretary: Philippa Bromley


As social secretary Philippa will help organise  events and activities for the club. These will not always be motorcycle related so if you have any any ideas I'm sure Philippa will be interested in hearing from you and will help and support you organise your event.


Chief Observer: David Steedman


The chief observer co-ordinates the training group, with the other members he has the job of organising the training programmes that our associates will follow.

Group Data Manager: TBA


Will look after the website and general data issues. If there are any problems please let us know by using the form on the contact page.