To maintain NAM’s reputation for well organised events and safe group riding, please ensure that you arrive in time for the safety briefing and with a full tank of petrol. Riders who miss the safety briefing may be excluded from the event!

Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and compliance with the law. Ride within your capabilities. Never follow a manoeuvre by riders in front without applying ‘the system’ to formulate your own riding plan.


Members Meeting - Christmas Special (Zoom)

Author, journalist, and adventurer Steph Jeavons presents a light-hearted take on her 4-year solo journey to become the first person to fall off a motorbike on all seven continents! The highs and lows of solo travel across 53 countries and over 74,000 miles on a 250cc Honda, whether it’s different as a woman and how different cultures reacted to her along the way.

Steph Jeavons - Seven Continents
"Steph Jeavons - Seven Continents"
  •  Zoom
  •  19:00
  •  Steph Jeavons
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