A Dip Into The North Pennines

Route devised by Craig Hopkins

147 Miles

Route Published: June 21, 2009

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Barnard Castle, Hawes, Hardraw and the Tan Hill Inn.

Route Description

Seaton Burn to Ponteland via Berwick Hill (6 miles.)

Ponteland to Military Road via Throckley and Stamfordham (B6323/B6309). (18 miles.)

Military Road for approx ½ mile before left turn at Wall Houses to Corbridge (B6318 then B6321). (24 miles.)

At Corbridge, over bridge right at roundabout then 1st left.

Continue to Blanchland, Hunstansworth, Townfield, Westgate, St.John’s Chapel (B6321, A695, B6307, B6306 then unnamed road). Shredded roads, loose gravel and a technical descent down to St. John’sChapel (44 miles.)

St. John’s Chapel to Stanhope (A689) and Durham Dales Centre for coffee. (53 miles.)

Right out of Durham Dales Centre then 1st left to Barnard Castle via Eggleston (B6278). (70 miles.)

Barnard Castle to Reeth via Langthwaite (B6277 then unnamed). (At A66 crossroads head west for 500yds then 1st left.) (88 miles.)

Head south from Reeth. At Layburn take a right into town, then left at roundabout. ½ mile to petrol stop. (96 miles.)

Retrace road back to roundabout. Left towards Hawes (A684). (114 miles.)

On entry to Hawes, first right towards Hardraw. (116 miles.)

Take a left towards “Butter Tubs”, Muker, Thwaite, and Keld. Initially a narrow road with minimal passing places and lots of blind corners. After Keld the initial climb has two horrendous 180 degree hair pins on a 30% incline.

Continue to Tan Hill. (134 miles.)

At Tan Hill, turn right and head past the pub towards Whaw and Barnard Castle. At B6277 (7 ½ miles), retrace route back to A66, heading west for 500yds before heading back to Barnard Castle (ride finishes). (147 miles.)

Food and Drink

Options include 4 pubs, 2 cafés, an ice cream parlour and a village shop at the southern end of Reeth.

Look Out For

Reeth National Park Visitor Centre   .

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