Squires Café

Route devised by Paddy Jarvis

234 Miles

Route Published: July 17, 2011

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Route Description

Berwick Hill to Ponteland, follow through for the A69 heading west.

Join the A68 turning right after 8 mls at Manor House.

B6278 through Stanhope to Barnard Castle.

Through Barnard Castle on A67 turning left once over the bridge for the B6277.

(Take care on the A66.) Right onto the A66 turning immediately left for Stang lane. Follow through Arkle to Reeth (coffee stop).

Right from Reeth to Leyburn (petrol stop). (85 miles.)

A6108 south to the Ripon bypass.

Turn right on to the A61, follow for 7 miles turning left at signpost Brearton.

Turn Left onto the B61665 for Knaresborough.

After Knaresborough High Street turn left then right at the traffic lights to pic up the A59 heading East.

From the A59 turn right onto the B6164 Weatherby Road through to the A661. (Various petrol stations available on this road if needed.)

From the A661 turn left onto the A659 heading East, turns in to the A59.

Join the A1 South, stay with the A1 south and do not join the M1. Leave the A1 at Junction 42.

At the end of the slip road turn right at the roundabout on to the A63, at the second roundabout turn right onto the A63 heading north (the old A1).

Turn right onto the B1222 for Squires Café. (141 miles.)

Right on the B1222 through Sherburn to York, turning right for the A19 south.

Then A64 heading west to the A1237 York bypass heading North.

Straight ahead through to the 6th roundabout then a left onto the B1363.

Follow B1363 till a left turn to join the B1257.

B1257 through to the A170 heading East to Helmsley (petrol stop). (191 miles.)

From Helmsley right on to the B1257 to Stokesley.

Through Stokesley to the A172, turning left onto the B1365.

B1365 turn left for the A174 heading east, and pick up the A19 heading North.

Ride ends at the North side filling station. (234 miles.)

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