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2 Sep

Venue and Date for NAM Monthly Meetings

The Committee has been looking to recommence NAM’s monthly meetings.

For our September 2021 meeting we will be guests of Vertu BMW, West Boldon. The meeting will start at 6:30pm, earlier than normal, to enable Mark Goode to give a presentation on behalf of Vertu and Derek Longstaff from Northumbria Police to talk about Operation Dragoon. Food and drink will be provided!

From October we will move to the Royal British Legion in Jesmond. This, coincidentally, is where NAM’s automobile equivalent meets. The RBL has a number of points in its favour, including its central location, the availability of a large and comfortable downstairs room, low room charge, plentiful private parking and close proximity to a Metro station for those that don’t want to ride/drive.

Covid, however, has put a spanner in the works, in that re-timetabling by the RBL has meant that Tuesdays are no longer available. In order to guarantee us the downstairs room, RBL have offered us the third Wednesday each month.

We realise that such a change will not suit everyone, but equally some may find a Wednesday night more convenient. The RBL is keen to have us and, after consulting the membership, we feel that this is the right move.

Our first meeting at the Royal British Legion will take place on Wednesday 20th October. Please check out our events page for details.

Kind regards,

The NAM Committee

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20 Jun

COVID-19 Update: Easing of Restrictions

The Committee continues to review NAM’s ctivities in the light of

  • the UK Government’s roadmap   to easing covid restrictions
  • guidance from IAM Roadsmart  
  • the need to resume observing and delivery of IAM Roadsmart courses as soon as possible
  • members’ desire to resume social activities such as monthly meetings and rideouts
  • NAM’s place in society locally and the need to maintain public support

Following the announcement from the UK Government this week and the delay to full lifting of restrictions, our plans are revised as follows:

Bike Skills

Our bike skills session (originally scheduled for 27th June) will be postponed. This will take place as soon as possible once full restrictions have been lifted.

Ride Out

Our first ride out, to be led by Dave Glennie, will be postponed by one week until July 25th.

Grand Re-opening

We remain determined to celebrate the ’re-opening’ of NAM in style, with a large outdoor event. After discussions with the owner of the Drift Café, we have agreed to postpone our celebration evening until August 10th.

Please check our events listing for latest updates.

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20 Jun

Group Secretary

Dear Members

Following the successful appointment of Brian Douds into the Chief Observer role the next priority is to fill the position of Secretary. This is one of the 3 key officer posts without which we cannot operate as a club.

The secretary post is a key post in the committee dealing with correspondence from the NAM Committee but not memberships. The membership elements are handled by our membership secretary Mary Holmes. Splitting the post in two was a deliberate decision by NAM to maintain efficiency, have a focus for membership matters and at the same time further lessen the admin burden to committee volunteers.

I am really proud of the NAM committee as it is run in an informal style but is really efficient and functions entirely as it should, as a collective. However, I would like to think that amongst the membership is someone who could volunteer take up the secretary role for NAM as we need a bit of help.

If you think you can indeed help the club by taking on this role please email me Email me by the end of June.

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17 Jun

Training Team

After more than five years in their respective roles as Chief Observer and Training Team Leaders, Jack Stewart, Michael Wilkinson and Graham Mundy are stepping down from the training team.

We are grateful to them for their dedication and professionalism and for ensuring that NAM has continued to meet its charitable objective to the highest standards. Michael and Graham will continue as Observers.

We are delighted that Brian Douds has accepted our invitation to become Chief Observer ad interim until the next AGM when he will formally stand for election.

Jeff Glen, Keith Miller and Martin Trainor have accepted roles as Training Team Leaders.

The training team will now comprise:

  • Brian Douds (Chief Observer)
  • Jeff Glen
  • Keith Miller
  • David Steedman
  • Michael Sutherland
  • Martin Trainor

We wish Brian, Jeff and Martin every success in their new roles and know that everyone will give them their full support.

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18 May

Celebration and Thank You Evening

At long last COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, coffee shops are opening their doors and it is looking hopeful that we will be able to meet indoors again soon.

Throughout the pandemic our Training Team and Observers have taken advantage of every lockdown ‘window’ to keep working with our Associates. We are extremely to them grateful for their determination and professionalism.

For more than a year there has been little activity for established members of the club. The camaraderie and spirit of our monthly meetings and group rides has been sadly missing.

It is testament to the good will and patience of all our members that there are over 200 people who renewed their membership subscriptions, nonetheless.

We would like to take the earliest opportunity to bring our membership back together, to celebrate better times ahead and to thank you all for your patience and for continuing to be part of IAM and NAM.

On behalf of the Committee, I hope that members will be able to join us for a Celebration and Thank You Evening at the Drift Café, Cresswell on July 13th 2021. Free food (provisionally pizza and burgers) will be on offer courtesy of our Treasurer!

The Drift Café has indoor seating and a large covered outdoor area. We are still finalising details and will provide updates, including start time, over the coming weeks. This will be a ride-in and will replace the previously scheduled ‘Chip Shop Run’.

To help with catering, we may need to email out an invitation with a request to RSVP. We will provide a further update before these are sent out. For now, please put the date in your diary!

For further information, please email Email me .

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6 May

Michael Sutherland - Honorary Group President

We are delighted to announce that Michael Sutherland has accepted our offer to become President of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

Michael has been a long-standing member of the NAM and has served our group in various Committee posts including Chair. He continues to be a National Observer and active member of the Training Team.

As President he will carry out various duties associated with the charity and use his influence to raise awareness of the work that the club does to promote road safety in the Northumbria region by training motorcyclists to an advanced standard.

Michael also brings a wealth of experience having served on the boards of other charities and voluntary organisations. As President he will provide valuable advice to NAM Trustees and Committee members .

Please join us in congratulating Michael and in offering our gratitude to Ron Patrick, as out-going President, for his many years of support.

For further information, please email Email me .

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5 May

Volunteers Wanted

Going into the next year (from November 2021) there will be some movement in the members presently filling the NAM committee positions. Some folk are stepping down, some have indicated they wish to change roles and some are planning to remain in-post.

We are seeking volunteers from the membership to fill any of the Committee and Team roles . Once we understand how many volunteers we have and for which roles we can then formulate a robust succession plan to take NAM into the future.

If you feel you may be interested in volunteering for one of the above roles, or you would like to know more about these roles, then please email Email me or join us on the 11th May at the monthly members Zoom meeting where we will discuss this along with other NAM updates as we emerge from lockdown.

The full announcement   is available to read on our pitstop forum and will be sent to all members by email along with Zoom meeting details.

(To request forum access, please email Email me .)

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1 May

Camping Weekend 2021

In 2019 we had a couple of nights away camping in the Yorkshire Dales. We are thinking of organising similar weekend this year.

Format as last time:

  • Friday: ride to campsite, set up, off to local pub for food and drink
  • Saturday: ride out in local area, back to campsite, off to local pub for food and drink
  • Sunday: ride home

Of course, any die-hard campers are more than welcome to cook their own food, etc.

This post is to gauge interest. If you are interested in taking part in a camping weekend, please send an email to Email me .

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13 Apr

Ron Patrick (President NAM)

We are sorry to announce that Ron Patrick has decided to step down from his position as President of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists with immediate effect.

Ron will continue to be a well loved and respected member of NAM and plans to join us at our social events over the summer. As many members will testify, Ron has contributed so much to the club throughout its history. We continue to be grateful for his passion for motorcycling, his inspiration, positive outlook and great sense of humour.

For further information, or if you would like to send a message of thanks to Ron, please email Email me .

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6 Apr

COVID-19 Update: Easing of Restrictions

The Committee has been considering how and when to resume NAM’s various activities in the light of

  • the UK Government’s roadmap   to easing covid restrictions
  • guidance from IAM Roadsmart  
  • the need to resume observing and delivery of IAM Roadsmart courses as soon as possible
  • members’ desire to resume social activities such as monthly meetings and rideouts
  • NAM’s place in society locally and the need to maintain public support

Our plans are as follows, subject to changes in circumstances:


Delivery of IAM Roadsmart courses will resume on 12th April, subject to both Observer and Associate being happy with the arrangements (including social distancing).

Given the unusually long lay-off during the winter lockdown, all members are encouraged to take up the offer of a free refresher-ride. Please contact a member of the Training Team to arrange.

Other Training

The Training Team is looking at the possibility of arranging various training events open to all members. For the moment these will need to be outdoors or on-line.

Open Day (NUT 2021)

This will be a virtual event early in the riding season. It will be an opportunity for riders in the region, who may be considering IAM Roadsmart training, to have an informal discussion with members of the group.

Monthly meetings

Sizeable indoor meetings will not be permissable until late June at the earliest. In the light of this, the date of the first indoor club meeting has yet to be agreed. Monthly Zoom meetings will continue in the meantime.

Rides Out

Our principle concern here is that large rideouts will be seen by many of the public as contrary to the spirit of easing lockdown. People, generally, are still anxious about the effects of COVID. They are all too willing to see unfairness in how people abide by, or avoid, the spirit of the restrictions. In the countryside, in particular, they are often unwelcoming to visitors potentially bringing infections to their villages. It is one thing when the riders are anonymous, quite another when they all belong to the same (clearly identifiable) organisation such as NAM. There is also the practical problem of arranging breaks while indoor gatherings are prohibited and the weather is chucking it down!

For these reasons it is unlikely that we will recommence rideouts until July, possibly with more, smaller groups than hitherto. In the meantime, members are welcome to use our NAM Facebook group page and/or Pitstop   to arrange private rides out (with no formal involvement by NAM itself).

Challenge 2021

Our COVID-secure riding challenge is now underway and will run from May to November. Go to our NAM Challenge 2021 page to read competition rules and registration details.

Grand Re-opening

We are planning to celebrate the ’re-opening’ of NAM in style, with a large outdoor event. This will probably take place late June or early July. Watch this space!

As always we welcome comments and questions from our members.

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21 Jan

NAM Challenge 2021

As the UK Government announce plans to ease the country out of all lockdown restrictions, we’re preparing to release the first set of clues for our new Challenge 2021 event.

Go to our NAM Challenge 2021 page to read competition rules and details how to register.

Registration is open now and the first clues will be released on 1st March 2021. Good luck!

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21 Jan

New Training Workshops

As we head into a new riding season we all need to get back into the ‘zone’ and sharpen our skills. The Training Team are preparing a series of interactive, Zoom workshops covering a range of subjects including:

  • observation, anticipation, planning
  • hazard awareness
  • pillion riding
  • overtaking
  • many more

These will be added to our events page soon! Meeting invites will be sent out by email over the next few weeks.

Make sure that you know how to install and set-up Zoom and are ready to join in!

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1 Jan

Membership Renewals

If you wish to take advantage of the training and social events planned for the new season, it’s time to renew your annual subscription!

Subscriptions are due by the end of January and stand at £20 for the coming year.

For full details of payment options, including a standing order mandate form, please go to our membership resources page .

If you want to update your personal details (such as phone number or e-mail address) you will need to contact IAM   to let them know. In accordance with GDPR regulations and our privacy policy , we do not hold personal details of NAM members.

For further information, please contact Email me .

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1 Jan

David Henderson Tributes 2021

Several proposals for lasting tributes have been made to Michael Sutherland (representing David’s family) by the Committee. With their approval, David’s contribution and leadership of NAM will be marked with the following tributes:

Memorial Ride

A David Henderson and Jack Lormor memorial ride will take place, provisionally 5th September. A route will be arranged to take in locations and landmarks that were important to our former chairman.

The ride will start with a formal donation to the Great North Air Ambulance by a member of the Committee on behalf of NAM.

Please check our events for confirmation of details.

Tribute Page

Michael Sutherland and Danny Holmes will lead a project to create a permanent tribute page on our website. This will take time to research and compile, especially as face-to-face meetings are prohibited by COVID-19 restrictions.

If you would like to take part in the project or have anecdotes or photographs that you would like to contribute, please email Email me .

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1 Jan

Happy New Year 2021

We wish all our members and Associates a safe, happy and healthy 2021. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to support NAM as we have had to adjust to a world post-COVID and find different ways of doing things. We sincerely hope that 2021 will allow us to meet and ride together again.

A provisional list of meetings and events is now available. We will do whatever we can to ensure that events will go ahead on the dates planned, albeit that format and/or venue may have to change in response to COVID-19 restrictions.

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30 Dec

COVID-19 Update: Restrictions in north-east England

The Training Team have continued to keep restrictions under review. In addition to the duty of care that we have for our Observers and Associates, we have to be aware of public perception at this difficult time.

In accordance with latest IAM RoadSmart advice, observed rides are subject to national lockdowns and local COVID-19 alert levels   as follows:

  • TIER 1: MEDIUM – Observed rides may continue with the agreement of Observers and Associates

  • TIER 2: HIGH – Observed rides may continue with the agreement of Observers and Associates

  • TIER 3: VERY HIGH – Observed rides are prohibited

  • TIER 4: STAY AT HOME – Observed rides are prohibited

  • NATIONAL LOCKDOWN – Observed rides are prohibited

If Observer and Associate are located in regions with different COVID alert levels, the highest alert level will determine whether assessment rides may take place.

To avoid unnecessary contact times briefing by email, telephone or video conference should be considered. The ride debrief may have to take the form of an email run-sheet supported by a telephone call as required.

Observed rides MUST NOT go ahead if either Associate or Observer:

  • have tested positive for COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
  • are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
  • have been advised to shield or shelter as part of a vulnerable group or caregiver for a vulnerable person
  • are part of a household where residents are any of the above
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10 Nov

AGM 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended our 18th Annual General Meeting, elected the new Committee and raised questions and concerns.

The Meet our team has been updated. Please feel free to get in touch with any of the new Committee if you have concerns, questions or feedback.

Members Survey

Thank you to all members who took time to complete a short survey to help gauge appetite for on-line NAM events. The results of the survey will be documented and reported to the Committee and membership.

Getting started with Zoom

If you’re completely new to Zoom, read our getting started guide to find out how to join our next virtual event.

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25 Sep

AGM 2020: Virtual Meeting

Whilst we’re all desperate to get back to meeting one another face-to-face, the reality is that we are going to have to find new ways of organising club activities over the next six months at least. Rides out, training sessions and meetings are going to have to look and feel a little different if we’re going to be able to offer a ‘covid-proof’ events schedule. Whatever restrictions are thrown at us to control the pandemic, it is important that we are able to stay connected as a group and to continue to advance our charitable aims.

More details about plans for social activities, group rides and training events will follow. For now, please be advised that our 18th Annual General Meeting will go ahead as a virtual (Zoom) meeting.

We will also host a light-hearted Zoom ‘practice’ meeting one week before the AGM. This will give members who may be new to on-line meetings an opportunity to find out how it works so that everyone feels able to participate fully in the AGM, table questions and vote on proposals.

Members Survey

We have been looking carefully at the licensing possibilities and implications of video conferencing software from different vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, etc.), including opportunities to take advantage of our charitable status to access significant license discounts. We want to ensure that any licenses will allow as many members who want to join in to be able to do so, without putting limits on numbers attending or length of sessions. Even with discounts, software licenses can represent a significant investment for a charity with a small annual turnover and we have to be able justify that expenditure to members.

We are now asking members to complete a short survey which will help gauge appetite for on-line NAM events. That will enable us to select the most appropriate level of investment (both time and money) to develop a virtual events to run alongside any ‘physical’ events that we may or may not be able to hold over the next six to twelve months.

If you would like to take part in the survey and do not have access to the members’ Facebook group, please email Email me .

Getting started with Zoom

If you’re completely new to Zoom, watch this short tutorial   to find out how to join a meeting.

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom app   . Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.

To check that you’re all set to go, join a test meeting   meeting and familiarize yourself with the Zoom meeting interface.

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11 Jun

COVID-19 Update: Observing and Ride-outs

Recent guidance from the IAM   states that:

  • observed rides can resume from Monday 15 June in England
  • group rides of up to six persons can resume from Monday 01 June provided that:
    • they only meet outdoors
    • social distancing is observed at all times

Theory work, group meetings and all face-to-face operations that do not include practical elements must still be delivered via internet video applications.

Whilst this guidance is for England and Northern Ireland only, we are keeping a close eye on changes in Wales and Scotland. The guidance will be updated when the situation in those countries changes. Those in England are advised that they should not cross the border into Wales or Scotland.

One final point: there has been negative press associated with large groups meeting at popular tourist destinations. Some local communities are actively dissuading people from visiting. If possible, please try to avoid these locations.

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15 Mar

COVID-19 Important Update

The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we all must take steps to minimise the spread of the virus, the risk to the vulnerable and the strain on health services. As always, safety of our members remains our top priority.

In order to ensure that we can hold safe and successful events, and to allow members and other stakeholders to plan accordingly, the Committee have agreed the following:


  • April members meeting is cancelled.
  • Open Day 2020 is cancelled.
  • All indoor training events and other workshops are postponed until further notice, pending Committee/Training Team review over the summer.

All face-to-face team meetings are discouraged. Team leads asked to look at alternatives such as Skype or Google Hangouts to hold meetings remotely.


  • Stirling weekend pending further review


  • All ride-outs and chip-shop runs are cancelled until further notice

Observed rides

  • All Observed Rides, pre-tests and tests are cancelled until further notice.
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26 Jan

Ride To The Next Level

New for 2020! An opportunity to refresh, develop and build upon your biking skills in the company of a NAM National Observer.

It’s personal, confidential and FREE! Find out how to be the best rider you can be this season!

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