AGM 2020: Virtual Meeting


Whilst we’re all desperate to get back to meeting one another face-to-face, the reality is that we are going to have to find new ways of organising club activities over the next six months at least. Rides out, training sessions and meetings are going to have to look and feel a little different if we’re going to be able to offer a ‘covid-proof’ events schedule. Whatever restrictions are thrown at us to control the pandemic, it is important that we are able to stay connected as a group and to continue to advance our charitable aims.

More details about plans for social activities, group rides and training events will follow. For now, please be advised that our 18th Annual General Meeting will go ahead as a virtual (Zoom) meeting.

We will also host a light-hearted Zoom ‘practice’ meeting one week before the AGM. This will give members who may be new to on-line meetings an opportunity to find out how it works so that everyone feels able to participate fully in the AGM, table questions and vote on proposals.

Members Survey

We have been looking carefully at the licensing possibilities and implications of video conferencing software from different vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, etc.), including opportunities to take advantage of our charitable status to access significant license discounts. We want to ensure that any licenses will allow as many members who want to join in to be able to do so, without putting limits on numbers attending or length of sessions. Even with discounts, software licenses can represent a significant investment for a charity with a small annual turnover and we have to be able justify that expenditure to members.

We are now asking members to complete a short survey which will help gauge appetite for on-line NAM events. That will enable us to select the most appropriate level of investment (both time and money) to develop a virtual events to run alongside any ‘physical’ events that we may or may not be able to hold over the next six to twelve months.

If you would like to take part in the survey and do not have access to the members’ Facebook group, please email Email me .

Getting started with Zoom

If you’re completely new to Zoom, watch this short tutorial   to find out how to join a meeting.

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom app   . Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.

To check that you’re all set to go, join a test meeting   meeting and familiarize yourself with the Zoom meeting interface.