COVID-19 Update: Observing and Ride-outs


Recent guidance from the IAM   states that:

  • observed rides can resume from Monday 15 June in England
  • group rides of up to six persons can resume from Monday 01 June provided that:
    • they only meet outdoors
    • social distancing is observed at all times

Theory work, group meetings and all face-to-face operations that do not include practical elements must still be delivered via internet video applications.

Whilst this guidance is for England and Northern Ireland only, we are keeping a close eye on changes in Wales and Scotland. The guidance will be updated when the situation in those countries changes. Those in England are advised that they should not cross the border into Wales or Scotland.

One final point: there has been negative press associated with large groups meeting at popular tourist destinations. Some local communities are actively dissuading people from visiting. If possible, please try to avoid these locations.