COVID-19 Update: Easing of Restrictions


The Committee has been considering how and when to resume NAM’s various activities in the light of

  • the UK Government’s roadmap   to easing covid restrictions
  • guidance from IAM Roadsmart  
  • the need to resume observing and delivery of IAM Roadsmart courses as soon as possible
  • members’ desire to resume social activities such as monthly meetings and rideouts
  • NAM’s place in society locally and the need to maintain public support

Our plans are as follows, subject to changes in circumstances:


Delivery of IAM Roadsmart courses will resume on 12th April, subject to both Observer and Associate being happy with the arrangements (including social distancing).

Given the unusually long lay-off during the winter lockdown, all members are encouraged to take up the offer of a free refresher-ride. Please contact a member of the Training Team to arrange.

Other Training

The Training Team is looking at the possibility of arranging various training events open to all members. For the moment these will need to be outdoors or on-line.

Open Day (NUT 2021)

This will be a virtual event early in the riding season. It will be an opportunity for riders in the region, who may be considering IAM Roadsmart training, to have an informal discussion with members of the group.

Monthly meetings

Sizeable indoor meetings will not be permissable until late June at the earliest. In the light of this, the date of the first indoor club meeting has yet to be agreed. Monthly Zoom meetings will continue in the meantime.

Rides Out

Our principle concern here is that large rideouts will be seen by many of the public as contrary to the spirit of easing lockdown. People, generally, are still anxious about the effects of COVID. They are all too willing to see unfairness in how people abide by, or avoid, the spirit of the restrictions. In the countryside, in particular, they are often unwelcoming to visitors potentially bringing infections to their villages. It is one thing when the riders are anonymous, quite another when they all belong to the same (clearly identifiable) organisation such as NAM. There is also the practical problem of arranging breaks while indoor gatherings are prohibited and the weather is chucking it down!

For these reasons it is unlikely that we will recommence rideouts until July, possibly with more, smaller groups than hitherto. In the meantime, members are welcome to use our NAM Facebook group page and/or Pitstop   to arrange private rides out (with no formal involvement by NAM itself).

Challenge 2021

Our COVID-secure riding challenge is now underway and will run from May to November. Go to our NAM Challenge 2021 page to read competition rules and registration details.

Grand Re-opening

We are planning to celebrate the ’re-opening’ of NAM in style, with a large outdoor event. This will probably take place late June or early July. Watch this space!

As always we welcome comments and questions from our members.