Venue and Date for NAM Monthly Meetings


The Committee has been looking to recommence NAM’s monthly meetings.

For our September 2021 meeting we will be guests of Vertu BMW, West Boldon. The meeting will start at 6:30pm, earlier than normal, to enable Mark Goode to give a presentation on behalf of Vertu and Derek Longstaff from Northumbria Police to talk about Operation Dragoon. Food and drink will be provided!

From October we will move to the Royal British Legion in Jesmond. This, coincidentally, is where NAM’s automobile equivalent meets. The RBL has a number of points in its favour, including its central location, the availability of a large and comfortable downstairs room, low room charge, plentiful private parking and close proximity to a Metro station for those that don’t want to ride/drive.

Covid, however, has put a spanner in the works, in that re-timetabling by the RBL has meant that Tuesdays are no longer available. In order to guarantee us the downstairs room, RBL have offered us the third Wednesday each month.

We realise that such a change will not suit everyone, but equally some may find a Wednesday night more convenient. The RBL is keen to have us and, after consulting the membership, we feel that this is the right move.

Our first meeting at the Royal British Legion will take place on Wednesday 20th October. Please check out our events page for details.

Kind regards,

The NAM Committee