Michael Sutherland - Honorary Group President


We are delighted to announce that Michael Sutherland has accepted our offer to become President of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

Michael has been a long-standing member of the NAM and has served our group in various Committee posts including Chair. He continues to be a National Observer and active member of the Training Team.

As President he will carry out various duties associated with the charity and use his influence to raise awareness of the work that the club does to promote road safety in the Northumbria region by training motorcyclists to an advanced standard.

Michael also brings a wealth of experience having served on the boards of other charities and voluntary organisations. As President he will provide valuable advice to NAM Trustees and Committee members .

Please join us in congratulating Michael and in offering our gratitude to Ron Patrick, as out-going President, for his many years of support.

For further information, please email Email me .