The nut that connects the handlebar to the seat!

  • Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists
  • Ridewell Teesvalley
  • Blood Bikes
  • Biker Down
  • IAM

Sun June 24th - 10am - £FREE

Quorum Business Park, Newcastle - 0191 364 3264

About the event

A day dedicated to the most dangerous part of a motorcycle; the rider!

Ever had an 'OMG' moment? It doesn't have to be like that!!

For the first time, we bring together four respected motorcycle organisations, each with different perspectives and experience of riding and training. Discover how these groups will help you develop your riding skills. Discuss your thoughts and experiences with other riders in an informal setting.


  • Address: Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8BW



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About the contributors

Northumbria Advanced Motorcylists

Find out more about what it’s like to be part of the UK’s top motorcycle group!

Ridewell Teesvalley

If you have any question about the need for enhanced observation, anticipation and planning, you need to speak to these guys! They will take your advanced skills to another level.

Blood Bikes

Find out more about the great work of this organization and why they insist that their riders have advanced road qualifications.

Biker Down!

Meet the organisation that can equip you, the rider, to respond effectively to a 'first on the scene' situation. First Aid and scene management for bikers.

About the organiser

Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists helps bikers to enjoy their riding more by encouraging the development of:

enhanced observation skills
see earlier and further, in all directions
greater anticipation
buy space and time through accurate and earlier interpretation of rapidly changing conditions and intentions of other road users
effective riding plans
develop strategies to negotiate a series of hazards smoothly, before committing , and always with an escape route!

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