How Easyfundraising Could Keep More Motorcyclists Safe

By Michael Wilkinson

Published December 31, 2017 #fundraising #general

Without the generosity of club members and money raised during social events and auctions, Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists would not be able to continue its charitable aim to promote motorcycle road safety across the North East.

EasyFundrasing is, potentially, a means of raising additional funds as club members shop online.

What is EasyFundraising?

EasyFundraising is a cash back website. Like other similar sites, you earn credit as you shop online with affiliated retailers. By leveraging the combined buying power of its supporters, EasyFundraising is able to secure savings with the retailers. These savings are passed to the charity or cause of your choice in the form of donations.

EasyFundraising is a for profit organisation and do take a percentage of savings as recompense for the service that they provide. However, 100% of the listed donations are passed to your nominated charity.

How easy is the EasyFundraising registration process?

Registering with EasyFundraising is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Start by searching for and selecting the cause that you want to support (hopefully Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists). Then create an account using your Facebook profile or an email address.

During the sign-up process, you will be asked if you would like to install a Donation Reminder. This is a small piece of software that is added to your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox). If you forget to sign in to EasyFundraising before visiting your online retailer, the Donation Reminder will ensure that you do not lose any Donation to which you are entitled.

The registration instructions   are simple to follow.

Join as an EasyFundrasing supporter using this link and earn an extra £1 bonus donation   to Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

How does EasyFundraising work?

Before visiting your online shop, you need to log in to the EasyFundraising web site or mobile app. Once logged in, search for your retailer and select the ‘Go Shopping’ button. You will be redirected to your retailer’s online store automatically.

It’s a bit like visiting a shopping centre (e.g. Metrocentre) and then continuing to Marks and Spencer or John Lewis. The EasyFundraising site is the virtual Metrocentre, you go there first before being redirected to your chosen shop.

EasyFundraising screenshot

This step is required because your retailer needs to be given your unique EasyFundraising ID during the transaction. (Your EasyFundraising account may use a completely different verification email to your John Lewis account for example.) A small piece of code (a ‘cookie’) will be written to your browser to identify you as an EasyFundraising supporter and thus ensuring that donations will be sent to the charity of your choice.

What are the benefits of using EasyFundraising?

EasyFundraisng offers something for nothing! If you are going to buy online it gives you the opportunity to earn a small percentage of the price you pay as a cash payment to the charity of your choice. It really is that simple. There is no cost to you. You pay the same price as everyone else does.

I’ve used EasyFundraising for several years and have earned donations of over £450 for Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists and Northumbria Blood Bikes. NAM has received donations of over £1500 to date; money which has helped us to improve motorcycle road safety across the North East.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t use EasyFundraising?

I can’t really think of any good reason for not using this process to earn money for yourself or to raise money for charity (of course including charities other than Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists).

Yes, I accept that it takes a minute or two to set up your EasyFundraising account and a few seconds longer to log into the site before being redirected to your online retailer. But that is all it takes. You can set up the Donation Reminder on your home computer so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn. You can still shop directly on your phone or tablet by using the EasyFundraising app.

Which shops allow me to collect Donations via EasyFundrasing?

EasyFundraising Logo Wall

Most of the big online retailers are in the scheme along with Ebay and Amazon. Visit the EasyFundrasing web site and do a quick search to see if your intended shop is there. Smaller, specialist shops may not be listed but it is still worth a check.

Ebay is generous and they pay up to 1% of the purchase price. Currently Amazon are paying 1.5%, John Lewis up to 2.5% and (one of my big earners) 3%. Book a hotel for your next motorcycle tour and get 3% of the cost credited to Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists. Kwik-Fit are currently giving 4% on MOTs (1.62% on other sales). Hastings Direct will give a £7.50 donation on new policies including motorcycle insurance.

EasyFundrasing have recently moved into the shopping comparison business. Visit them to check prices for insurance, energy, broadband and mobile phones in the same way as you would use any of the other comparison sites. If you find a deal you like, Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists (or your nominated charity) will receive a donation.

Can you help?

Are you already using EasyFundraising? If not, in return for a little effort and time on your part, Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists could benefit from cash donations as you shop. If you can, please consider registering and start collecting donations now   .


Which shops have you discovered on EasyFundraising? Have you been surprised how easy it is to pick up donations? We’d love to hear your experiences. Please send your comments to email or Twitter.

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