Tips for Touring Spain by Motorcycle

By Geoff Toscano

Published June 23, 2019 #touring

Following his recent presentation at one of our club nights , Geoff Toscano suggests more tips to ensure a stress-free Spanish road-trip.

Neon road sign
"Spanish Neon Road Sign"
  1. The Pecos Europa Mountains are a good suggestion for your first trip to Spain. The little town of Potes is easily reached from either the ferry port of Santander or Bilbao and is a good base for three or four days before moving on.
  2. Like Potes, many of the towns and small cities in inland Spain are world Heritage sites!
  3. Petrol is often cheaper (less expensive!) in remote rural areas than in cities or on main roads.
  4. Use your indictors even when moving back into your lane; it is a legal requirement.
  5. If you need spectacles to drive/ride it is a legal requirement to carry a spare pair!
  6. Prepare for large variations in weather and temperatures. You might go from 20c to 4c then back to 25c in one day! Torrential rain can mean stopping and amending your plans. If it’s really hot remember the wet t-shirt or wet vest tip.
  7. Try and arrive at your destination at siesta time between 2pm and 5pm. That way you will usually find someone on reception.
  8. Toll roads are usually expensive and easily avoided using a map or sat nav. However, the toll road between Malaga and Marbella and between Barcelona and Valencia are worth taking to cover the ground.
  9. In a bar when ordering a drink wait and see if you are offered food (Tapas) before ordering from the menu.
  10. The kitchen in most restaurants do not open until 8.30pm or even 9pm. If you are a group you may not see a piece of lettuce until 9.45pm! Look for smaller family run restaurants which open earlier or even buy a picnic from a local supermarket so that you can eat at a more reasonable time.
  11. If you don’t like tripe avoid ‘Callos’!
  12. Generally, motorcycle parking is well catered for but be careful to avoid blue lines and other obvious parking restrictions.
  13. Slip roads are often short or even non-existent so be watchful when you are on the road being joined.
  14. In popular areas try and arrange your day’s ride out during the week rather than the weekend if you can.


Have you recently completed a motorcycle trip to Spain? We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for those who may follow in your tracks. Please send your comments to email or Twitter.

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