The Dropoff system

Group riding is a great opportunity to share the joys of biking with your friends. But group riding also brings several challenges in that you need to maintain a high level of concentration both on your riding and on ensuring the group stays together.

To help ensure we have successful ridouts, the NAM employs the well proven 'dropoff' system, the main points of which are...

  • YOUR riding is YOUR responsibility.
  • The purpose of the ride is an enjoyable and safe ride out, not a race.
  • At the front of every NAM Ride-out there is a Leader who will be identified at the pre-ride briefing. The leader is permanently at the front of group and is identified by either a hi-viz H belt or hi-viz jacket.
  • At the rear of every ride-out there is a Tail-end Rider who will also be identified at the pre-ride brief and will also wear either a hi-viz H belt or jacket and will remain at rear of group at all times.
  • At no time will any rider overtake the Leader or drop behind the Tail-end Rider.
  • Each time the ride reaches a junction or round-a-bout, the rider at No 2 position, behind the Leader, will stop and mark the junction for the rest of the group.

    When the Tail-end Rider arrives, that rider will then re-join the group ahead of the Tail-end Rider.

    At the next junction or round-a-bout, the next rider in No. 2 position behind the Leader will drop off and mark that junction, rejoining the group in front of the Tail-end Rider.This procedure will be repeated at each new junction.

  • OVERTAKING is permitted between the Tail-end Rider and Leader, but ONLY IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO. When overtaking other vehicles, take care not to merely follow bike in front. If traffic conditions slow progress, do not worry as the drop-off system works and ensures that no-one is left behind.

Riding in a group presents additional hazards, so ride to the system, and remember, Safety first. Riders who are not part of the group are a significant hazard. Stay safe.