Ride to the next level

By The Training Team

An opportunity to refresh, develop and build upon your biking skills in the company of a NAM National Observer.

Or, to put it another way, BE THE BEST RIDER YOU CAN BE.

We all agree that there is no such thing as a perfect ride. It doesn’t matter when we passed our test; we can all improve our riding and we never stop learning. But how do you continue this process of constant development to be the best rider you can be?

Have you had an ‘off’ or a near-miss? Perhaps you sometimes experience riding moments which give you a cold feeling in the pit of your stomach. Or maybe there are simply some aspects of your riding which you feel could be improved. Either way, if you are a NAM member help is at hand!

How does it work?

The Training Team and National Observers would like to introduce to you the idea of Riding To The Next Level. We aim to help you identify areas for development and address your concerns to enhance your enjoyment and safety. It’s informal, confidential and friendly. It’s not about persuading members to obtain more qualifications, although that is an option should you wish to do so.

Check ride

As a starting point, it is envisaged that you will be joined by a National Observer for a free, one-to-one check ride: a no pressure ride during which the National Observer can cast an eye over your riding. This will be followed by a debrief, usually over coffee, to highlight your strengths and to allow you to discuss potential areas for further development.

This could be as simple as:

  • refreshing your use of IPSGA in different situations
  • practice to sharpen your advanced observation skills to improve your riding plans

It is also an opportunity for you to discuss any specific riding concerns in confidence. For all sorts of reasons, some riders lose confidence in cornering, overtaking or riding in the wet. All of these things may detract from your enjoyment and, above all, safety.

There is no obligation to take any further action.

Follow-up rides

If you and your National Observer agree that further practice or development will be helpful, this is likely to take the form of a limited number of follow-up observed rides.

These will be arranged at your convenience and will be tailored to meet your own needs or aims. Whilst the initial check ride is free, it is expected that members will make a donation towards the National Observer’s costs (in the same way that Associate members do). The current cost is £15 per session; not expensive given that the rides may well be two or three hours!

Further Riding Qualifications

Riding To The Next Level is not about persuading you to take further riding qualifications. But if you are thinking about working towards a F1RST or IAM Masters qualification we can provide assistance.

Many of the National Observers are qualified to this level and hold a ROSPA Gold pass. As such they are in a good position to offer mentoring and support to help members raise the level of their riding.

It is not as difficult as you may think; most are capable of ‘making the grade’. It does take some studying of the course material and concentrated riding practice to develop the ‘thinking rider’ mindset essential for this highest civilian level of riding. The Training Team are here to help.

How to take part?

To book your Ride To The Next Level session, or for advice on any aspect of advanced riding, speak to one of the Training Team or contact Email me .

Remember, it’s personal, confidential and FREE!

Depending on demand we hope to respond to your request fairly quickly.

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