Advanced Motorcycle Training

There is nothing like the thrill of accelerating on a motorcycle. Or the satisfaction from taking the perfect line through a series of bends. Riding a motorbike is fun!

But there are risks.

Why learn Advanced riding skills?

We've all seen dash-cam footage showing how quickly and catastrophically things can go wrong in bends, at junctions and during overtakes.

Advanced riding gives us tools for managing these risks and for turning us into 'thinking riders'. These tools are based upon the system used by Police riders and which allow them to plan for and negotiate hazards, even at pursuit speeds.

Here to help at every turn

Nothumbria Advanced Motorcyclists' Training Team are dedicated to helping riders develop and maintain advanced riding skills.

  • Enrolling for IAM Roadsmart

  • Advanced Motorcycle Training

    Motorcycle skills documents and videos compiled by members of the Training Team to complement your IAM Roadsmart training.

  • Preparing for your Advanced Test

  • Taking your Advanced Test

    Answers to common questions about the IAM Roadsmart test.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to discuss with your Observer or a member of the Training Team.

  • Maintaining your Advanced Skills

    Training Events

    Every season the Training Team work to provide a full program of motorcycle skills days and workshops to supplement the IAM Roadsmart training.

    See our events calendar for details.

    Refresher training

    We offer one-to-one refresher training to all our members.

  • F1RST and Masters mentoring

    Our Training Team have members who have achieved IAM Masters and ROSPA Gold, each referred to as the highest standards of civilian motorbike tests. We will mentor and advise any club member wanting to work towards this level of riding.

    Speak to a member of the Training Team for further information. You will be offered an opportunity to have an assessment of your skill level prior to making any commitment.

  • Observer Training

    Becoming an observer is a great way to ensure that your skills and knowledge stay up to date.

    Find out how to become an IAM Observer.

Other skills

In addition to advanced motorcycle road training, Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists provides individual and group workshops to share skills and knowledge. Workshops include:

  • carrying a pillion
  • continental touring
  • shipping your bike abroad
  • the use of sat-navs and route plotting software
  • winter riding
  • packing for a trip

Our club members have a vast amount of experience of all kinds of riding on all types of bikes, in all manner of places and conditions. Learn from their mistakes, pick their brains and even join them on trips exclusively for those new to motorbike touring!

Want to become an Advanced Rider?

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